New Mills Triathlon 2009

Please note, for those who don't know me, I was not the official photographer for this race; I just happened to turn up with my camera to support and take pictures of my wife and friends. This is why maybe not everyone has a photo up and why there are multiple photos of three of the competitors.  One of the organisers then asked whether I would mind taking photos of everyone as the official photographer couldn't make it.

I have therefore organised the pictures I took into pages of thirty and put a watermark in them all. I haven't done anything to the photos other than batch resize, sharpen and watermark them. If anyone would like a particular photo, I can crop and do other post production if required. As this has already taken a few hours to sort out and would take me time to supply pictures to individuals I would ask to be paid for the photo. You could have that photo in digital format and be at liberty to make as many copies as you wish or I could supply it as a print.

Please feel free to contact me:

for the above or any other matters.

Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the triathletes and the dog! ;~)


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